Braeburn apple has a smooth skin and a light red to golden green colour. It has a good aroma and is juicy. This is a very crunchy apple with a distinctive flavour, both acidic and sweet. It features an attractive pink colour, with light shades of yellow.

This is a pink round variety, with hints of green and yellow with a good aroma. The appleā€™s flesh is white, crunchy and very juicy.

Golden Delicious
It is a medium-sized apple, green when harvested and ripening to a golden yellow colour. The skin has conspicuous lenticels. In certain areas and under specific climatic conditions,

Granny Smith
Granny Smith has a brilliant green colour and a firm texture. Its taste is a mix of sweet and acid.

Red Chief
Red Chief is more elongated in shape and is a uniform deep red colour. Its flesh is very firm.

Red Starking
Red Starking variety has a red-veined color. It is a very good tasting apple with a grainy, slightly rough, flesh. It is a very juicy and firm apple.

Royal Gala
Royal Gala is similar to the Fuji, but its skin is more brightly coloured and thicker. It has a very firm texture.