Black Seaddless
Black Seddless is a seedless variety, with firm flesh and a reddish black colour. It has a meaty, crunchy flesh.

Flame Seedless
Flame Seedless is one of the seedless varieties. The fruit is small and round with a thin skin and a wine-red colour. It has sweet, juicy, crunchy flesh.

Perlette variety has a light green colour, giving it an almost pale, translucent appearance. Its berries are round. In French, Perlette means small pearl.

Red Globe
Red Globe is distinguished by the size of its berry and its reddish to dark red colour. It is a crunchy grape, with firm and excellent tasting flesh.

Its skin colour ranges from blue to black, its flesh is green and very juicy. It has large, round berries, firm skin and a moderately sweet taste.

Thompson Seedless
Thompson Seedless is a clear green, seedless, elongated grape variety. It is well known for its crunchy, juicy texture and its sweet taste. A yellow tinge to the fruit indicates that the fruit is maturing.